Under the patronage of HSBC

Création Collectif LESS

With the collaboration of ENSA Mauritius

Is a project put together by collectif L E S S.

Use of bamboo ( natural material with amazing properties ) in an urban environment. 

The contrast between this never completed  concrete structure and the bamboo facade is very interesting and appealing.

Mauritius being an island, most construction materials are imported and the use of bamboo is related to the fact that it grows locally and is very under stated.

We collaborated with 1st and 2nd year architecture students from ENSA Nantes/Mauritius through the whole process. We also asked them to come up with a more contemporary way of using bamboo to create a piece of furniture.

The collectif LESS is  :

Herbert Staub - DUST

Constance Gravier - GRAVEL

Marco Lavit Nicora - Atelier LAVIT - Architect ( France / Italy )

Anna Mallac-Sim - Architect  ( Mauritius )

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